Welcome to Liberty Island!

Today, our class went on an expedition to Liberty Island in New York to see the Statue of Liberty! All right, you might be thinking,  “Why did you get to go to New York?!”  Today is April Fools day! We didn’t really go to see the Statue of Liberty. We traveled there by Virtual Reality Viewers. Virtual Reality is where you looks through some virtual reality goggles and  feel like you’re in that place. The tour guide controls it on an iPad.


The Statue of Liberty was my favorite stop on the tour. A nickname for the Statue of Liberty is Lady Liberty. Lady Liberty has seven spikes on her crown. The last fact for today is Lady Liberty was a gift from the French and created by Gustave Eiffel.


Have you ever been to New York ( by Virtual Reality

Viewers or in real life?


Happy April Fools Day!



It looks like a storm is rolling in!

Screenshot by Piper and Ruby, text also by Piper and Ruby

One thought on “Welcome to Liberty Island!

  1. @ Ruby
    I love your post about Liberty Island! Yes! I have been to NYC in real life and by Virtual Reality.

    Have you been to NYC in real life and by Virtual Reality?

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